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Dishes that come from Trinidad and Tobago are indigenous to its culture: The beautiful fusion of our diverse heritage reflects in our spices, creating  these delicious condiments.  


TRINIDAD SPICE is a sophisticated, versatile product that makes it's island proud... It’s not just for Caribbean style cooking, it can be use with any cuisine around the world. It marinates with all types of meat, including seafood and just a dash in gravy while cooking encourages taste beyond your imagination.


With over 80 years of Sherrington family perfection, Trinidad Spice adds a layer of robust flavour that brings an explosion of savoury mouth watering sensations to your food.  


If you're the only one in the family that likes spicy foods, don't worry, TRINIDAD SPICE can be used as a condiment, which by itself makes food undeniably delectable.


TRINIDAD SPICE is produced in its purest form with real peppers and herb and is guaranteed to tantalise taste buds with its contrast of exotic flavours.


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About Us



TRINIDAD SPICE/TS Pepper Sauce is a SHERRINGTON family recipe dating back to 1931, the year our Mother Veronica Sherrington was born...  












Sherrington Industries Ltd is the private producer responsible for Trinidad Spice condiment-marinade range and it's web-store


Sherrington Industries Ltd is one of the UK's fastest growing companies expanding its portfolio, supplying retailers and individuals across the UK.

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